Maria Hirsch

Relaxation and Healing

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Om Namasté, a warm welcome!


Registered German Naturopath
Yoga teacher (BYV)
Energy healing

I grew up in Bavaria, southern Germany. Ever since my childhood I have been in close touch with nature. Especially the mountains have always made a strong impression on me, the silence and clarity, and in particular the far view into the vastness from the summit.

At some point, I started to become more and more aware of my heart's desire to accompany people on their healing path. Therefore, I have devoted more and more time of my life to learn about health and the art of healing in recent years and have engaged myself to the process of getting healed.

One decisive element in my life and very helpful on my own way was the time after my study of social work. Then I worked for one year on a voluntary basis in a hospice, where people came for their last weeks of their lifes journey (of the last stage of their life). There I could learn to see the nice things at this very moment, to accept and nevertheless to have hope and stay in confidence.

A very important part of my life is yoga. It gives me the opportunity to connect to myself - to my body and my feelings - to get grounded. Teaching yoga and sharing this experience in a class helps and encourages me in my daily practice, for which I'm very grateful.

In July 2011 I moved with my husband to London. We enjoy the variety and the rich cultural, social and spiritual offer. I am very grateful for this enriching experience and the many new facets in my life. Much has already been given to me and I am looking forward to enriching encounters and beautiful moments in the future.

Om Namaste,