Maria Hirsch

Relaxation and Healing

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Allow yourself to have a break from everyday life, relax your soul. A massage helps to soften body tissue, gently release tension, to activate the energy channels, and to harmonize the nervous system. It has beneficial effects on all bodily functions. It assists the body in the elimination of body waste and has a detoxifying effect. After a treatment you will feel pleasantly relaxed and revitalized. Only high-quality, pure organic oils are used. In most treatments the oil is warmed up.

After each massage, a rest period of 10 minutes is intended. In addition, before and after the treatment you will be offered a warm herbal tea that will support the healing process. Back home please drink plenty of water and have a shower to wash off the oil. By doing so, the bound toxins that were previously released from the body will be removed. If possible, let the day fade out quietly.