Maria Hirsch

Relaxation and Healing

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Healing happens.

Healing means to reconnect with yourself, to come into harmony on all three levels - physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Healing means to make contact with the one major source, to unite with your authentic self and to once again become aware of the own divinity that lies in us.

Healing can happen if we allow ourselves to enter the inner room and to gently release ourselves from what is no longer necessary. To make room for new things.

Healing can happen if we put ourselves back into the channel and go into the stream of infinite love.

Healing means to say YES.

Every human being carries the answer of healing itself in itself. The heart shows us the way. For this to happen, I provide a space - a healing space in which everything is possible. Without expecting and forcing, anything whatsoever may happen.

Sometimes it is a certain method that brings us a step closer to well-being, sometimes it is a certain cognition, but sometimes it is just the possibility to listen to the own voice of the heart in peace and silence.

Depending on which level needs the most support, I use different methods. Among other things, these include reflexology work, respiratory therapy, energy work like Quantumentrainment, kinesiology, crystal healing and the use of Bach flowers.

As first step it is often very helpful to balance the Chakras, to strengthen the energy system and to activate the Prana, which provides us with life force. Only through such a harmonization and stabilization, profound changes are possible.

In all my actions, intuition is my biggest tool.