Maria Hirsch

Relaxation and Healing

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Yoga is based on a millenia-old tradition and means unity and harmony. Everybody can practice yoga! The various yoga postures, called asanas, activate the body, stretch and strengthen muscles and joints, the spine and the whole skeleton. Even the internal organs, glands and nervous system will be affected positively. Physical and mental stress can be relieved, new energy is released.

Hatha-Yoga, a special form of yoga consists of five elements:

  • Asanas (physical exercise)
  • Pranayama (breathing exercise)
  • Savasana (deep relaxation)
  • Meditation
  • Diet

Each yoga class is designed to alternate dynamic and static elements. The ideal combination of tension and relaxation helps you to keep calm, balanced and fresh. Especially the deep final relaxation, known as Savasana, I consider an important part in a yoga class. Yoga practice gives increased clarity, mental power and concentration.